Organic and Food Safety Consulting and Training


                                  Contact “Steve”    email:   Phone: 916-214-8720

      Consultant: Food Safety and Organic                   

Now offering Trainings: Food Safety and HACCP (USDA approved)


   “Stephen Bird is one of the few professional food safety consultants who understands organic agriculture.”             Professional…..Experienced…..Prompt

    “Steve’s experience with organics and food safety helps provide direction to operations that may find challenges in trying to balance the two issues. Steve has been very attentive and responsive to answering questions, evaluating policies and explaining audit questions and guidelines to us. We have been very pleased with the work Steve has done for us..“.

                                         Sausha Racine, Scully Packing Company, LLC, Finely, CA

 ”Thank you so much for your help. Bob is really happy now. Yea!!!”
 Diane, Dallas Distributing, Livingston, California.

…more organized, knowledgeable auditors like Mr. Bird are always appreciated”                                                                           Client feedback to Organic Certifier

Food Safety:

  • Are you confused about food safety audits for your organic farm, cooling and cold storage, packinghouse or processing facility?
  • Do you need help to do Global Gap, Primuslabs or other third party audits?
  • Don’t understand HACCP? Or how to do a risk assessment?
  • Don’t know where to start? Who to ask?

Organic Certification:

  • Are you confused about the  organic certification process for your farm or facility? For exporting your product?
  • Don’t know where to start? Who to ask?
  • Are you wasting valuable time and resources on your organic inspection or correcting issues from your last inspection?